A Reintroduction

Hello Friends,
I’m sure you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I was the kid who wore her princess dress to the grocery store. I’ve always found whimsical, floral, typically “girly” silhouettes to be exciting and empowering, despite their connotations with fragility. My mother was quick to detect my interest in this type of fashion and always encouraged me to dress to feel my best. As I grew older, I remained interested in this intersection between softness and power, delicacy and defiance. 
I want to tell you a bit more about how I went from a Sleeping Beauty dress in the cereal aisle to owning my own small business and enjoying this beautiful, abundant Ástríðr community. We have some new faces around here, and even if you've been with us since the beginning, we hope you'll enjoy hearing more about our story. Thank you for being here, we couldn't be defiantly delicate without you. 
I grew up in Portland, Oregon where I was lucky enough to be shepherded into the world of vintage dresses and specialty shops by mentors who taught me the mechanics of owning a successful, inspiring business. I moved to LA and worked various service jobs, all while dreaming of the day I could carve out my own vision in the world. As I began creating the shop that is now Ástríðr, my mother passed away in May of 2020. My lifelong affinity for frills and florals connected me not only to my power as a young girl and woman, but also to my mother, who helped me translate my inner beauty and strength to my outer expression. In keeping with this gift that my mom bestowed on me with her support and guidance, Ástríðr hopes to instill others with a light and power all their own. The guiding principle of Ástríðr is that the right dress can help someone unlock the confidence to help meet the day on their own terms. 
In honor of my mother who first imbued me with the defiantly delicate spirit, I began Ástríðr on Mother's Day 2021. It's now been almost two years since that day and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for this community. Some of you may have been here for a while. Whether you've been here since our earliest days, whether you found us on social media or at a local market in Los Angeles or Portland, I'm so glad you're here. My intention with this space is that it isn't just your favorite place to find a beautiful garment, but also a community you look to to provide a bright spot in your day and an entry point into expressing your authentic self. I hope Ástríðr makes you feel seen and enables your strength on your terms.  Thank you for listening to my story. Thank you for being a part of our journey.  I hope you find something that makes you feel defiantly delicate. 
With love,
Astrid A (owner of Astrior)
**special thanks to Kate Nerone for your beautiful assistance in putting my feelings into these pretty words**

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