About Us

Ástríðr is an online clothing boutique that seeks to encourage people to reframe and reclaim their perceived delicacy as a source of great strength. Our aesthetic is populated by timeless antique inspired silhouettes, colorful floral embroidery, and plenty of drape and frill. The guiding principle of Ástríðr is that the right dress can help someone unlock the confidence to help meet the day on their own terms.

Mother's Day, 2021 was our opening date, and this day carries particular significance to me, Astrid Angell (owner of Ástríðr), hi! As a little girl, I refused to wear anything but dresses. My mother, sensing the confidence and agency this instilled in me even as a child, encouraged me from then on to wear whatever I wanted, no matter what, so long as it made me feel strong. In May of 2020 she passed away. Ástríðr exists to honor the strength and wisdom that my mother imparted on me, namely, what it means to be defiantly delicate.

  1. in a manner that shows open resistance or bold disobedience.
    "folding her arms, she stood defiantly"
  1. very fine in texture or structure; of intricate workmanship or quality.
    "a spider's web, strong yet delicate"

Embodying what it means to be defiantly delicate is the heart and soul of Ástríðr. Dresses, embroidery, drapery and the like have often been associated with ideas of feminine frailty. It looks pretty yet breaks easily. Ástríðr exists to resist these ideas. For me, the right dress with the right embroider, or the right fit that lays on my body just so becomes a suit of armor that allows me to meet the world on my own terms, with confidence. Delicacy, by definition, describes something of fine craftsmanship, quality and structure that can stand the test of time. The goal of Ástríðr is to provide beautiful garments that meet these standards of craft at a price that's affordable everyone. I am beyond excited to share these beautiful garments with the world.

P.s. Did you know that Ástríðr is the Scandinavian Old Norse version of my name "Astrid?" I decided to name the business Ástríðr because it means "divine strength" and "beautiful goodness," two things that coincide with our phrase "defiantly delicate." 

Thank you for listening to our tale and we hope you find something that makes you feel defiantly delicate.