Astrior "On You"


Astrior "On You"

Feat. the lovely and sweet customers that made submissions and for letting us share their beautiful memories and moments with us.

Rose models the Anna Marie Set in Garden Valley Floral (top left), the Adrienne Dress (bottom left), the Axelle Dress(top right) and the Catalina Dress in Cosmos Bloom (bottom right). 


"I went to my first pumpkin patch and I had the perfect dress!"
Cynthia wearing the Penelope Dress 
"I had a hard time finding my feminine side my whole life, avoided dresses and never really strayed from either all black or super colorful, no in-between. But I wanted to try something new and beautiful, and I really feel beautiful when I wear this dress!!! So comfortable and fits any occasion, so in love!"
- Monique wearing the Portia Dress.
Jordan wearing the Aurelie Dress (above).
Kimber Lew wearing the Beau Dress (below).
"As you know, Astrior changed my life. Your little booth of heaven awakened the cottagecore princess in me that I have always longed to express but never could. I was feeling so uninspired by fast fashion out in the world and was beginning to lose hope of ever connecting to my style in clothing again. Discovering Astrior one day at a flea market was such a magical experience. I felt like I could play again and adore each and every precious dress. I have purchased Astrior dresses for every big event of the year- holidays, parties, you name it. Eventually, I stopped wearing dresses for “special occasions” and started to wear them on daily. It has made every day so special. Every time I wear a piece, I feel put together and ready to be seen."
Every year for my birthday in May, I attend the Renaissance Faire. It’s a day to celebrate rebirth and springtime amongst magical people. This year, I donned Astrior from head-to-toe and embellished the look with pearl accents. Not only was I comfortable all day long in a corset, cardigan and midi babydoll dress; I was in my element. The quality and detail of each piece was noticed by so many and brought so much joy. From the sheen of the embossed floral detail on the white dress in the sunlight, to the scalloped lining of the pistachio colored cardigan, all tied together with a vintage tapestry corset worn backwards… it was just perfection. I wasn’t simply wearing a costume, I was wearing personal treasures that showcased my character and let my authentic and “defiantly beautiful” self shine."
  "I baked my cookie cream cake wearing the Eloise Dress and my coconut crumble pie wearing the Sonja Dress. I love wearing your dresses when I bake. Slipping on a pretty dress makes my favorite activity feel extra dreamy and romantic. Astrior dresses are comfy and flowy so it's easy to move around my kitchen.  I baked my cookie cream cake wearing the Eloise Dress and my coconut crumble pie wearing the Sonja Dress. I love wearing your dresses when I bake. Slipping on a pretty dress makes my favorite activity feel extra dreamy and romantic." - J.Chin
Gisela wearing the Peggy Jumpsuit (above) & Amber wearing the Evelyne Dress (below)
"I found Astrior in a time when the sun wasn’t shining as much as I’d hoped. The beautiful dresses from Astrior lifted my spirits right up and continues to put a big smile on my face every time I see a new gorgeous collection released! I love that the brand represents how feeling and looking your best (in beautiful florals and gingham) is very positive and powerful! Yesterday I wore one of those gorgeous dresses for the first time and I have to say I’m absolutely in love and can’t wait to wear more! I felt so girly, pretty and happy all day long! Not to mention how incredibly comfortable it was to wear for a long 10+ hours day! ( I could honestly live in them!)  Thank you so so much for creating this wonderful brand that brings me so much happiness! Like gorgeous sunshine in a dress!"
-Farinda wearing the Zofia Dress.
"I wore these pieces I got from Astrior to see some flowers this spring. I always get so many compliments when I wear these dresses and that makes my day." - May Yi (wearing the Madelyn Dress (left) and the Gillette Dress (right)."
"You seriously have the best clothes! I love them all so much! They're my go-to when I travel and I always pack at least 1-2 options from your shop. This photo my husband took of me on the steps at the Royal Alcazar Gardens in Seville, Spain!" - Melissa wearing the Ingrid Jumpsuit.
A big thank you to all of the beauties that made submissions to our post and for everyone that continues to support this little dream that I have built! Your support of Astrior means the world and I truly couldn't do this without all of the love I get from my loving customers. 
Take Care,



I’m so very excited and well pleased with you my darling daughter. This very first brick and mortar store is such a milestone for you and a feast for all of us admirers. It was it seems but a day ago that your mother and I would watched with great curiosity the impossible combinations of clothing (jeans under the princess dress I think comes to mind) you would most carefully put together. I just can’t say enough of how proud I am of you. Daddy

Laurie Angell

Love all the information you’ve included here! Interesting history and I think reflects on what’s going on in the world. Your dresses seem to bring us to a “kinder and gentler” era. So feminine in strength. Love you dearest Astrid.

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