Astrior takes Las Vegas

On this weeks journal, notes from a shopkeepers journey to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Hello Friends, 
Vegas isn't just a place for wild parties and rolling the dice! This week, Ástríðr put a little bit of Spring in Sin City at the Foodieland market in Las Vegas. 
This adventure was the marker of several Ástríðr firsts—first time in Las Vegas, first time seeing my booth set up at an outdoor night market, first time interacting with a whole new community of shoppers looking for a special dress to make them feel beautiful and powerful— an Ástríðr specialty. It was also the first time I publicly debuted a sneak peak of my next collection. I guess Vegas really is a lucky place! 
The trip was a marathon of three back-to-back 12 hour days. I was at once exhausted and invigorated by the end of the trip— the way you feel after a long day in the sun, laughing and romping through nature with friends— you know the feeling. But the conversations I had with our new Vegas community was heartening. Foodieland was yet another affirmation as to why I love doing what I do.
Most of my time at the market was spent chatting with guests and trying to hold down the fort (literally, the wind was so powerful at one point the tent broke and had to be weighed down by four cement blocks just to secure it to the ground!). Some of you might know my friend and colleague Rikki from Rikki's Wickies. She's the creator of our beautiful handmade candle collection. Together we enjoyed the sights and sounds, the pensive and melodious reflections that a road trip allows. 
Lately, I've also started to feel a real momentum building with the curation of my space. Each time I adjust the lights, change Jeanne's outfits, set up and take down my booth, I feel one step closer to my dream of opening up a Ástríðr brick and mortar shop. I can feel a tangible force pulling me closer to this dream, whether it's the Spring season that beckons us towards new horizons, or just the massive gusts of winds that blew through Vegas last weekend, all I know is that Ástríðr is moving steadily and joyously towards an exciting future. One filled with connection, community, and of course, lots of defiantly delicate pieces. 
Thanks as always to you, my friends, new and old, from Portland to Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I couldn’t do it without you. 
Happy Spring and see you soon! 
With Love,

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